Thursday, 23 June 2011

Public Archaeology Program at Grand Pré NHS Entering its 2nd Season

Following the success of public digs at Beaubassin and Fortress Louisbourg, last July archaeology at Grand Pré National Historic Site was opened to members of the public for a two week public excavation. The installation of water lines at the site several months prior revealed a linear stone structure that was initially suspected to belong to the long sought church of Saint Charles des Mines, made famous as the site of the Deporation Order of 1755 and which served as a prison for over 400 Acadian men and boys of the parish during their ordeal.

Work continued at the site this year during the Saint Mary's University undergraduate field school. The linear structure was determined to be a stone-lined drain leading from a cellar of a yet-undetermined origin. Work continues on site this July with round two of the public program.

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