Sunday, 19 June 2011

Welcome to Shovel Test


For those not involved in archaeology, a shovel test is a small exploratory excavation unit (read: hole) used to quickly sample an area (read: find) for archaeologically significant material (read: stuff). A shovel test can be quick and dirty, or a thing of beauty, revealing many layers and a lot of detail. So that`s what bloggers do - I hope to touch on a range of subjects that appeal to me, and hopefully to you. My main interests presently are digging holes & exploring history, atheism & science, gaming & sports, and film & literature (not just science fiction and fantasy - a love for which my girlfriend is helping grow within me every day).

I also hope to turn this blog into a destination for current news and information on archaeological and historical research with summaries and updates on news stories from around the world.

Okay, this is a noobs first post. Just a short one to kick things off. Stay tuned for more.

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